Ribbon Batch Coding Machine

fully automatic strapping machine

Hot Code Semiautomatic Printer

Great for printing lot numbers, company name, expiration dates, website address, phone numbers, manufacturing dates and other vital tracking information onto plastic bags and other flexible packaging materials.

Print up to 15 characters each on three printing lines. The type size is 2mm wide by 3mm high, in an Arial Narrow font style. Up to 120 prints per minute are possible for the operator. Adjustable temperature for efficient printing on different types of materials including plastic bags, paper, polypropylene, polyethylene, laminates and even cardboard.

Easy to use and operate, simply set your coding info in the print head, set the bag, pouch or other packaging material in place, then press down on the included electronic foot pedal. The machine can even be set to print at a timed interval, with the print head being adjustable to accommodate various thickness of materials.

Two easy to adjust guides ensure uniform print position every time.

WARNING: Spare Parts & Accessories are now SOLD SEPARATELY!

In order to reduce the base price of our RapidSealers, we no longer supply accessories and spare parts with each unit. This allows our customers to select these add-ons only as needed.

The following are additional accessories which may be added-on:

Letter and Number Kit
Black Color Ribbon
White Color Ribbon
Spec information:

Voltage: 110V/60Hz/1Ph
Power: 750 watts
Machine Dimensions: 15 inches long x 13 inches wide x 18.5 inches high
Weight: 31 pounds

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