Bottle Capping Machine Plastic

fully automatic strapping machine


When manufacturing products that are kept in plastic bottles, sealing those bottles can be quite a hassle because the regulations demand that they be screwed tightly. The screw caps ingenious design makes it easy to open and close by hand, but tightening it is an altogether different story. This machine allows the user to screw the bottle caps so tightly that they cannot accidentally open during transport or storage. Also, if a bottle cap is screwed on too tightly, it can help by opening it, as it works in reverse, as well.
This is a handheld machine, which means that you can work with it anywhere where there is a power supply outlet nearby. Holding it in the hands allows the user to get a better grip and better positioning, so that the work is more precise.


Model DDX-450
Caps Diameter 10-50mm
Bottles Height 80-220mm(can be customized)
Output (bottles/min) 20-40
Voltage 220V/50Hz;110V/60HZ
Power 50W
Gross Weight 38kg
Measurement 53 x 46 x 61.5cm

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