PW-0860A Fully Automatic Strapping Machine

fully automatic strapping machine

Mechatronic Aspect:

  •  Logic Relay Circuit
  •  Sensors for automatic strapping
  •  Belt type Strap Dispenser Brake

Mechanical Aspect:

  •  Strap dispenser with belt brake
  •  Free Roller Tabletop
  •  Mechanical Tension adjustment
  •  Double cams for long lasting machine operation.
  •  New generation heating element suitable for PP and PET strap use, requires less initial heating time.
  •  Reinforced strap feed shooter structure gives much longer operation time before changing it.

Aluminum Arch:

  •  Increase strapping accuracy and reduce turn over strap, or tilted band position.
  •  2 times lighter than the steel arch for handling.
  •  Modular extension, easier to add extra height or to replace a damaged section
  •  Easier to change wearable parts than the steel arch.
Power Supply 3 phase , 220/380/415/440V, 50/60Hz
Straping Head Standard Type
Arch Size


850 x  600 (mm)

33.5 x 23.6 (in)

Strap band Width 9,12,15,19
Strapping Tension 0~70 (kg)

0~154.3 (lb)

Max. Load 20 (kg)

44 (lb)

Strapping Speed 2.4 sec./ strap (25 strap/min.)
Working table height 810 (mm)

31.9 (in)

Machine Size


1440 x 640 x 1535 (mm)

56.7 x 25.2 x 60.4 (in)

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